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Questions and Answers - RightWash Hands Cleaner


How long does a full cleaning cycle take?

Answer: The time is set by the customer (site's administrator). He can adjust the time of each step and the amount of fluid provided. The Health authorities recommends cleaning for at least 20 seconds.

At the end of the cleaning cycle, are hands completely dry?

Answer: The hands dryness is a function of the time set for the drying cycle. It is possible to reach a state of dry hands, but it is possible to be satisfied with partial drying so that there is no dripping from the hands.

What material is the hand cleaner made of?

Answer: The hand cleaner shell, model 121, is made of aluminum and the front is made of Plexiglas / polycarbonate, while the hand shell, model 123, is made of ABS plastic, and the front is made of polycarbonate. The entrails of all models are made of aluminum.

What are the dangers of a hand cleaner?

Answer: The hand cleaner is built for maximum safety and hygiene. The user does not touch the device at any stage, and if there is accidental contact - there is no danger, all parts of the device are connected to ground.
If the user feels discomfort due to high temperature, he will remove his hands instinctively.

Could the hand cleaner rust over the years?

Answer: The hand cleaner is made entirely of non-rusting plastic and aluminum.

What is the power consumption?

Answer: The hand cleaner power consumption is 1,000W, similar to the power of a small toaster. The power consumption of the hand cleaner in a cleaning cycle of 20 seconds is as low as 0.056 kWh. The hand cleaner can be connected to a standard 10A outlet. The maximum current required by the hand cleaner is 5A.

What is water consumption?

Answer: by using Zavitan’s "RightWash" patent, the water consumption of a complete 20 seconds cleaning cycle is 0.053 liters - from one glass of water it is possible to perform 4-5 full cleaning cycles.

Is the hand cleaner noisy?

Answer: The hand cleaner includes a hand dryer. A hand dryer can be either noisy or not a dryer, as anyone who enters a public toilet at an airport or who uses a hair dryer knows. A model can be ordered with noise reduction, but still the device is not silent.

How do you know that the cleaning and disinfecting fluids are running out?

Answer: The rear wall has windows for viewing the liquid level. You can also examine the amount of fluid through the corks.

Is it possible to install the hand cleaner even at sites that do not have water and / or drainage infrastructure?

Answer: Yes. Zavitan can supply A water system that includes a water tank and a drain tank sufficient for about 1,000 hand cleaning cycles.

What is the hand cleaner placed on?

Answer: The hand cleaner should be placed on a stable base 90-100 cm high for a regular user and 60-70 cm high for children and / or people in wheelchairs.
Such bases can be ordered from their angle.

How do you prevent possible queues at a site where a lot of people are expected to pass?

Answer: At sites such as the entrance gate to a shopping center, the entrance to an event hall or the entrance gate to an office building, where many people are expected to pass, and sometimes during rush hours - very many people, multiple positions can be booked. The number of positions will be calculated according to the number of people at peak times, and the desired cleaning cycle time. Angle can provide multiple positions as per customer requirement.

Is there a solution for children and people in wheelchairs?

Answer: Yes. There are stands for children and people in wheelchairs.

How do you ensure maximum hygiene in Zavitan's hand cleaner?

Answer: The hand cleaner works without any contact with the user. In addition, no excess water collects in the device. In addition, the device performs once in a while (directional) ventilation cycle, disinfection cycle and full cleaning cycle.

What is the advantage of Zavitan's hand cleaner over the Alcogel dispenser ?

Answer: Smearing alcohol on dirty hands is better than nothing, but less good than washing with soap and water. After the alcohol evaporates, the dirt remains on the hands, unlike in Zavitan’s cleaner. In  Zavitan’s hand cleaner, the spray of disinfection liquid, is on hands that are already clean.

How can one be sure that whoever enters really cleans their hands?

Answer: If the user removes his hands before the end of the cleaning cycle, alarm and red flashes appear, and the user is asked to return his hands. In addition, some customers do not choose a cleaner with reduced noise, mainly to hear that whoever enters, has cleaned their hands. But most of all, we believe and also see, that most customers are interested in maintaining their health and the health of others, and willingly use the hand cleaner. It's overall also pleasant. Some customers enjoy the attraction of the device.

What is the price of a hand cleaner?

The price of a hand cleaner model 121 or 123 is 2,900 NIS + VAT.
Sheeping and installation can be added, but these can be done by the customer.
Price list and reservations

Is it possible to hire a hand cleaner?

Answer: Yes. Zavitan allows rentals: down payment and a fixed monthly payment.


How long does installation take?

Answer: Installation takes several minutes: all that is required is a connection to a water tap, a hose for drainage and a connection to an electric standard outlet.

Can the customer install the hand cleaner himself?

Answer: Yes. The average customer can easily install the hand cleaner.

Is maintenance required, and can it be maintained on its own?

Answer: The system does not require maintenance. There is an internal filter that can be cleaned once every six months or a year, depending on the quality of the water on site. In system 123 the customer can do it himself, in system 121 not. At places with extremely poor water quality, it is recommended to replace the water nozzle once every two years.
Zavitan offers a regular service agreement that provides benefits such as handling the device on the site, automatic version upgrades, periodic technician visits and a discount on replacement prices.

What is the warranty period?

Answer: The system comes with a full 1 year warranty from the date of purchase. A permanent service agreement can be purchased indefinitely.

What happens if there is a malfunction?

Answer: The probability of a fault is very low, but a fault is possible in any system. The company's service system provides a solution to faults according to the type of fault and in accordance with the site. Everything is detailed in the Zavitan's Convention.

Is there an instruction booklet?

Answer: Yes. The system comes with colorful and clear operating instructions. There are also instructions on Zavitan's website.

Is it possible to try the hand cleaner?

Answer: Absolutely. You can experience and be impressed by the hand cleaner in the company's offices in Hadera. The towels and coffee - on us. You can also get an impression of the sites where hand cleaners are installed.

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