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About us

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Zavitan Technologies was established in 2017 and has two main goals in mind:


  • Introduce the world of showers and rinsing into the 21st century.

  • Save the planet by saving water and energy.

The first product that Zavitan launched in 2020 – RightWash 200 - meets exactly these two goals

Zavitan Technologies' roots are deeply rooted in the field of advanced water technologies, beginning in 1990, when HydroGuard was established. HydroGuard developed a revolutionized line of control computers, took the pumps control and water systems big step ahead.


In the field of showers and water conservation, Shay Popper, founder and owner of Zavitan, invented the iTap smart faucet, which was developed together with Madgal and together with the American faucet giant leader MOEN. The iTap shower faucet system, led to a special shower experience and saved of about 9% of the shower water. The iTap smart faucet attracted interest in Israel and around the world, and ministers and senior officials in the water sector came to see and study it.


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The inventor and CEO
Shay Popper

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Since 1985, Shai has invented and developed dozens of inventions and products. Shai holds a degree in computer engineering from the Technion, and he has registered dozens of patents in various fields, especially in the field of water technologies.

Among other things, Shai managed the "Smart Faucet Flag", which developed the smart faucet, Shai's invention; Managed Hydrogard Computerized Control Systems, which developed the Hydrogard computer and revolutionized the field of water in Israel; And has established companies and ventures in other fields.

The staff of Zavitan Technologies is imbued with creativity and innovation and has a high sense of service and commitment to products, customers and the company. We at Zavitan Technologies do not come in the morning to work, but we come to do good, to the planet, to our customers and to ourselves.

The team – the main thing

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